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chaos on the fabric of spacetime; discuss M Theory

chaos on the fabric of spacetime; discuss M-theory
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is String Theory?
Also known as M-theory, string theory is an exciting, relatively new way to look at the universe. Science used to believe that the smallest piece of matter was the quark (a particle existing inside the protons and neutrons of an atom. There are three quaks in each; two ups and one down for p+, two down and one up for n), but it is now theorized that inside those particles are tiny strings of energy vibrating at specific wavelengths. This theory solves the problems of gravity's weakness in comparison to the other fundamental forces (by the idea that gravitons can leak into other dimensions) and the chaotic world of quantum mechanics (allowing for rips in spacetime).

is Quantum Mechanics?
Quantum mechanics refers to the world of subatomic particles. This is a chaotic sort of plane, with quarks that can exist in multiple locations at one time and pop in and out of existance (our universe/brane?) at random. Everything at this level is about probability and perception. The Quantum Mind theory suggests that our minds (which is composed of quarks as well) actually create the reality which we see by manipulating superstrings and vibrating them into matter and energy (the way heat or sound moves).

SO? What are you waiting for!?
You don't need to have a PhD to post or ask questions -- you don't even need one to answer them! This place is about celebration, speculation, science, theories, and cooperation.

ASK QUESTIONS! Even if you think they're dumb.

SHARE YOUR THEORIES! Who knows, maybe we'll figure out what's missing in the unified theory of everything?

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