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Hi there, ...I just watched "The Elegant Univers" (Nova)...( for the second time) after watching this program, and the documentery "What the Bleep do we know?" ... I have no so much as questions about the thoery...but questions on other ways to look at it..... such as:

- Is it possible that String / M Theory can not only unify the Two main branches of Physics ( Quantum and General Relavivity) but ALSO Meta-Physics? ... and as such give us a SCIENTIFIC explenation for such Phanomena as Ghosts, Spirits, Astral travel, and even demons???... could these occurances be maifiastations cuased by the other dimentions predicted in String/M theory? and there fore ARE actualy observable? ledning evidence to the existance of strings?

think about it...string theory might not only be able to explain the science that has been eluding us...but the myths that we grew up with as well.... I find that VERY interesting


PS ... Please dont harp on my over spelling and grammer...I hate that...I know I am horrible at it, but that is no reson to discount my Ideas ( I am only saying this becasue others have done so in the past .... the god damn elitist assholes )
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